cape dutch vernacular – reinvented

Sitari’s architectural design will allow a free-flowing and harmonious atmosphere throughout the estate. At Sitari you won’t find high walls. We especially had the property designed to have low walls, so that the beautiful views of the Helderberg Mountains and surrounding natural landscapes are not obstructed. This allows the property to become an extension of the greater estate and environment. To emphasise the natural and aesthetic appeal further, Sitari Country Estate already includes three 40m beautifully landscaped corridors leading up to the Clubhouse and Klein Zeekoevlei Wetland.

It is for these reasons that we have chosen to partner with two award-winning architects, Gisele Vanderstraeten, and BPAS, both of whom have been involved in the architectural process from start to completion. In 1978, Gisèle Vanderstraeten was awarded the Presidential Award for outstanding achievement in furthering the interests of Building Designers in South Africa. BPAS too, brings a wealth of creative talent and experience to render uniquely tailored professional services by building aesthetically pleasing yet pragmatic architectural structures that have imaginative interiors in harmony with the individual personas of their clients. The design aesthetic for both the Main Gatehouse and the Clubhouse has also fitted in perfectly with Sitari’s overall natural elements.

At Sitari we believe in being elegant, yet at one with nature.