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first-rate education – a stroll away

An important factor to consider when relocating to a new suburb is the availability of good schools nearby. Somerset West boasts several good schools but what Sitari Country Estate presents is unique.

The convenience of having the first-rate school of Curro on Sitari’s property cannot be underestimated and it is for that reason and the high level of education that Curro provides that this esteemed school is situated within Sitari Country Estate. Parents can be confident that their children are receiving a stellar education as well as being safe within the grounds. The school run has never been easier.

a fantastic school on your doorstep

We at Sitari are family-orientated and recognise the need to provide the very best schooling on the estate. Rarely does one find a school that is so integrally part of the learners and community it serves than at Curro Sitari.

about curro

Curro School provides the best education for children with a Christian ethos. Children as young as three months to five years of age are educated and taught at Curro Castle, right through to primary school and then on to high school. Boys and girls are welcome and subjects are taught in English and Afrikaans. Living at Sitari Country Estate will afford parents access to high quality education on their doorstep.

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Telephone: 087 285 2142

Sitari Country Estate - Curro School