a gated lifestyle estate intended to care for your family

Sitari Country Estate combines high-end security with first-rate technology to produce an unparalleled security offering. Access to the lifestyle estate is primarily through the main gatehouse which spans an impressive 1 849 m² – just bigger than an average rugby field. Now complete, it accommodates the security control room, on-site sales team, estate management centre and offices. Both the main and secondary gatehouses will have biometric readers, number plate recognition as well as 24/7 manned access control.

Security at Sitari Country Estate is of the highest standard in South Africa. The 5km stretch that runs along the N2 is fenced off with a visually appealing form of fencing of 3.0m in height. The boundary along the R102 also consists of a 2.4–3.0m high wall interspersed with fencing. These fences include under-digging, serrated strips, anti-cutting, and anti-climbing with electrics on top, plus Future Fibre Technology with heat-sensitive triggers which, when disturbed, activate cameras around that area to focus on the disturbance. The cameras include thermal technology with full night vision. Each and every incident will be alerted back to the gatehouse, and a security roaming vehicle will be dispatched to the disturbed point.

Internally, at each junction are 4-way cameras, able to view down each lane, which is connected back to the control room.

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innovative connectivity

Communications within Sitari Country Estate is also of the highest standard, thanks to Amobia, who specialise in innovative connectivity solutions. Residents can download their favourite movies and more through a cost-effective, high-speed broadband service and are able to make unlimited calls for free within the estate. Each property is also linked to the control room via a telephonic intercom system, allowing residents to be informed as to who is entering the estate and wanting to visit.